What’s Wrong With Brutus?

6 Comments on “What’s Wrong With Brutus?

  1. I hope Brutus is okay. When I first moved to The Holler I observed the cows conducting a funeral. I posted on online query about it. Months later I noticed there was hundreds of people weighing in about cattle funerals. They had all witnessed them. I most amazed by a Masai herdsman who wrote about observing this many times. He explained how intelligent and socially connected cattle are. So, I do hope Brutus was just resting and chewing his cud.

    • Yes, Hans. It’s not the first time that Brutus has injured his foot. Whatever the problem, it will be sorted quickly. I will check home later today.

  2. Best wishes for a speed recovery for Brutus. It’s sad to see him like that! Stay well all,

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