Song Thrushes and Nightingales on a Foul Evening

Surprisingly, I managed to record song thrushes and nightingales this evening. I ended up as wet as the cattle!

4 Comments on “Song Thrushes and Nightingales on a Foul Evening

  1. I thought I heard a nightingale whilst in Tesco car park by the Stour yesterday but dismissed it. Seems it may well have been after all.


    • So it might be true: Berkley Square doesn’t have a monopoly on nightingales. Someone should write a song entitled. ”A Nightingale Sang on the River Stour.” It never ceases to amaze me just how easily animals seem to disappear and then reappear as if by magic. Lots of animals appear and disappear along a wildlife corridor, which is why they are such an important asset and valuable resource. We must do all we can to improve and extend our wildlife corridors.


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