Banded Demoiselle

The banded demoiselle is a large damselfly that lives along the edges of slow-flowing rivers and canals, still ponds and lakes, and among lush, damp vegetation. Its common name is derived from the distinctive ‘fingerprint’ mark on the males’ wings. The only other damselfly with coloured wings is the similar-looking beautiful demoiselle; however, this species lives on smaller, fast-flowing rivers, mainly in the west of the country. Banded demoiselle males are very territorial, performing fluttering display flights to win over females. They are on the wing from May to August.

Banded Demoiselle Male

Beautiful demoiselle

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  1. Your photo looks more like a male Beautiful Demoiselle to me as the wing is fully dark. Banded males show a discreet dark band across the wing. The former species has been expanding eastwards recently.

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