Watch That Snake!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had whittled a snake-headed walking stick while in blog isolation. The above photographs show the result of my first attempt at walking stick making and carving. My creation has now settled down in the rafters, waiting for a  time in the future when infirmity dictates I need help walking. I made this stick from applewood grown in my garden. Hopefully, my pins will support me without the aid of a walking stick for some time to come. 🙂

13 Comments on “Watch That Snake!

      • I’m recovering from a bad ankle break, Michael, and I can say it is a great thing that you don’t need the walking stick.


  1. Thank you, Jet. I hope your ankle if healling well. I dropped a 60kg metal disc and it fractured my big toe in three placed, which slowed me down a bit. A broken ankle must slow you down a lot 😦


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