Hello everyone!


A Wilden Marsh sunset over the River Stour.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and welcome back to “The Wilden Marsh Blog”. πŸ™‚

I have emerged from blog hibernation into a brave new world, allegedly full of promise, doom and gloom and indifference depending on to whom I listen! The weather has been sunny and warm most of the time here, in Kidderminster. There have been many opportunities to lounge about in my garden, relaxing and contemplating how much worse life could be. The past eight weeks have, of course, been slower than I’m used to, but not uncomfortable or at all stressful. Most mornings, I am awake at 6am and out of bed shortly after. I am usually in bed before midnight. I have considered the future and its perceived challenges but am consigned to taking life as it comes. I am as sure as I can be, though, that the world will continue to spin on its axis, the sun will rise and set each day for many millennia, and the air I breath is less polluted than before covid-19.

Apart from tending to the marsh cattle, I managed to rid the three marshes of the vast amounts of plastic debris deposited by the three floods earlier in the year. I have probably consumed more alcohol than is good for me, but my weight remains unchanged. I have finished landscaping my garden and undertaken many garden art wood whittling projects. I have also carved a snake-headed walking stick from wood harvested from an apple tree growing in my garden. I have not been idle!

So, for the foreseeable future, I will resume commenting on the beautiful and varied fauna and flora of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve. If you enjoy my posts, please press the like button and leave a comment if you can.

I begin with a serene view of a Wilden Marsh sunset; I hope you like it.

16 Comments on “Hello everyone!

  1. Welcome back! Good to know you haven’t succumbed to the dreaded plague. Take care and please carry on doing what you do. You’ve been missed. πŸ˜€πŸ‘


  2. Welcome back, Michael! I do like that lovely picture with the curves and reflections. I have missed the cows, the seasonal flora and fauna, and the views of Wilden Marsh.

    You sure have been busy, getting that plastic cleaned up was a worthy project but I suspect your garden and carving might be more enjoyable, along with the alcohol. -:)


  3. So glad you are back. I enjoy your blog very much. As we live downtown in a big city, it gives me a glimpse of an important other world.
    Stay well,


    • Thanks, Susan. I’m on the marsh at the moment, moving the cattle. I counted the cattle after moving and there was one beast short. Slowcoach Wayne was way back near Falling Sands Viaduct, fast asleep under a tree.


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