Removing the Plastic Menace

We in the UK have suffered three significant storms during February: Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis, and Storm Jorge; combined, these have caused severe flooding. Ciara flushed through plastic rubbish that had been hanging around for a while. Storm Dennis delivered large quantities of new plastic debris and spread it liberally about Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve. Jorge washed away significant amounts of the plastic waste deposited by Dennis and sent it down the rivers Stour and Severn to seas, oceans, and other places around the globe.

Today the Wildenmarshers began their annual fight against this vile plastic intruder that blights many lives. Armed with builders big bags, litter pickers and polythene sacks, we cleared the plastic menace from around one-third of the marsh area.

Further battles waged this month will improve the marsh ground conditions before the start of the bird breeding season at the beginning of next month.

Below is a video from the clear-up operation of earlier today:

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