Water-Water Everywhere

I’ve hardly been out on the marsh for three weeks. A 60-kilo lump of metal fell from a chain block, bounced on a concrete floor and rolled onto my foot, cutting through my safety boot, two pairs of socks and my foot before I could move out of its way. The result was three open fractures to my big toe. I will spare you the gory photos. Also, my central heating boiler sprang a leak. It soaked and frazzling my favourite camera – I received it back from the repairers yesterday. Also, we have had super-duper flooding in the UK, and the cattle have been moved to a safer pasture a few miles away. Also, my 89-year-old mother sprained her ankle. Also, I have been to Amsterdam for a few days.

The photos below are of the cattle making their way off the marsh.

11 Comments on “Water-Water Everywhere

  1. We missed you! Sorry to hear all these troubles. Speedy recovery to you and your mother. Good to know the cattle are all safe, so you can focus on healing. The arrival of Spring, sooner there than here in Canada, should help, right?

    • Thanks, Susan. My big toe is pretty much healed now. I have been to the marsh this afternoon, and an x-ray on Friday will confirm the fractures have healed properly.

      My mother is back on her feet, too.

      Unfortunately, big floods bring much plastic rubbish down the River Stour, and the marsh is liberally covered with glass and plastic bottles.

  2. What a series of calamities! Glad to hear about the healing that has taken place and that the cattle are well away from the floods.

    • Fortunately, nothing untoward happened when I visited the marsh this afternoon. I was especially careful to avoid getting my recovering foot stuck in the mud.

  3. You have been through the wars. Hope the toe is on the mend:)

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