Pollarding Old Willow Trees

Yesterday was a volunteer’s workday at Wilden Marsh. The first of many magnificent old gnarled, weak and bent willow trees growing in the Entrance Section was pollarded. Pollarding is the removal of the upper branches of the tree to help prevent it being blown over in high winds and extend its life. Our old gnarled willow tree trunks have many holes, splits and crevices providing homes for birds, bats and insects.

We also continued coparding trees along the riverbank to allow sunlight to the river when the trees are in leaf. Coparding is the cutting of a tree trunk somewhere between its base and crown.

According to my iPhone, I completed 9253 steps up and down the ladder and around the tree. Pollarding is undoubtedly an excellent way of maintaining physical fitness. We used hand saws to complete this work.

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