Grazing The Rhombus Field

GRAZING THE RHOMBUS FIELD: The cattle are an essential conservation resource. They have access to 90% of the marsh right now; and roam through it at will, getting into many nooks and crannies. I open the Rhombus Field gates during September when it is packed full of shoulder-high rough vegetation, and close them at the end of March. The ground is waterlogged all year round, and the cattle takes six months to browse their way through it. Hopefully, over the next couple of months, the cows will graze most of the vegetation down to water level. I don’t think they will completely clear the field this year, to date they haven’t achieved this target, but they are getting closer to success. It has taken years to persuade them that the brownest field on the marsh is indeed an area of many delectable delights. I’m not sure the beasts are entirely convinced, but they are not complaining.

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