Spring doesn’t officially arrive until 20th March; I’m excited by the thought the season’s possibilities. The grass is growing strongly for January. Green plants cover poached ground and other recently bare patches of mud and along river banks. Herons are assembling at the heronry for their breeding season, and they are becoming increasingly vocal. Various ground and tree holes around the marsh are being inspected, and cleared out in some cases, by animals searching for new homes. Woodpeckers are drumming on dead trees and metal electricity pylons, and kingfishers are zooming up and down the River Stour and Hoo brook with a new purpose. The marsh is generally getting busier.

I spent a few hours looking down holes today to determine which are likely to be inhabited early this year. Badgers are investigating old sets, but I have yet to find evidence of the vixen being interested in denning on the marsh this year. Still, it is early days, and I have not looked everywhere.

I am striving to improve my camera techniques, develop a creative eye, and generally introduce stronger content. I am hoping to produce exciting and informative videos about llife on Wilden Marsh. You blog followers are my unwitting guinea pigs; I hope I don’t drive you away in the process. Here is today’s offering. If you have time, please feel free to offer constructive advice and criticism that might help me on my journey.

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