6 Comments on “It’s Time to Reject Apathy and Embrace Nature and Keystone Species

  1. I personally agree with rewilding. How do you think beavers will improve the Marsh and the surrounding area, will the locals welcome them?

    • Beavers are not an alien species; the UK is their home environment. Beavers were responsible for much of our country’s early land management. I believe they can work miracles in the Stour Valley in general, as well as on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve in particular. Beavers are magnificent at kick-starting, maintaining and developing biodiversity, given the right assistance and control mechanisms.

      Beavers can benefit our wetlands, including the fishing community. Wilden Marsh is a private reserve and might prove to be an ideal location for a trial beaver population.

      • It would be fantastic, but the are hills to climb, bridges to cross, and problems to overcome before apathy is conquered. I will keep you informed of any progress.

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