Flooding Possible!

The River Stour is on the rise again; up to the ‘flooding likely’ section of the river level gauge. So I went onto the marsh to secure the cattle on safe ground in the North Pasture. I found the herd with their heads down in the northeast corner of the Rhombus Field, eating dried reed grass. The rain was torrential, but the herd wasn’t bothered, and it was quite warm out.

The cattle ignored my attempts to coax them out of this low-lying compartment. I gave up in the end. It was around 3.00 pm, and I guessed they would soon make their way up to the North Pasture. The herd has years of marsh experience, and they prefer to spend the night in the safety of North Pasture. Since they are out on the marsh day and night, year after year, they are not going to be intimidated by a little flood water; they spend most of their days paddling knee-deep in mud and water as it is. Then I had a message that the Rangers were on their way to lend a hand.

Rhombus 19122019

The marsh cattle in the Rhombus Field.

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