Waiting at the gate

I replaced gate ties on the North Marsh this afternoon. Over time the posts lean away from the gates; the locking bolts are then too short, so I have to tie the gates shut with rope.

For some reason, the cattle wouldn’t follow me into North Pasture; they stood at the fully open gate and bellowed until I was out off sight. On my return, over an hour later, the herd, with Brutus out in front, was where I had left it. It looked to me like the cattle had stood fast and mindlessly awaited my return.

The river and brook levels have dropped from 3 to 1.9 metres, so I can get the cattle back on the winter grazing plan before they churn-up the north marsh too much.

2 Comments on “Waiting at the gate

  1. Some of the things they get up to can be amusing, Anne. I wonder what they think about. The marsh cattle are certainly very curious social beasts that show concerned for each other. Where do I fit in their hierarchy and what do they think of me? Am I crediting the marsh cattle with too much intelligence? 😏

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