The Marsh Cattle Return From Their Holiday

The Rangers drove the cattle from Falling Sands Nature Area, across Hoo Brook bridge and onto Hoo Brook Pasture this afternoon. The herd gave me the run-around when I took them over to Falling Sands a couple of weeks ago, I thought it prudent to ask the Rangers to return it to Wilden Marsh.

I checked the north marsh boundary fences this evening before opening the gates to North Corral, Northern Corridor, North Pond Pasture and the Swamp.

The herd was waiting in Hoo Brook Corridor on my return from checking the fences. Having been moved once today, they weren’t too keen on listening to me. Waynetta was quick to respond to my call, though, followed by Brutus, surprisingly. The others were reluctant to move out of the corridor. It was getting dark, so I left them to get on with it and went home.

It’s now time for the herd to begin the all-important winter grazing.

I recorded my journey around the north end of the marsh with my iPhone, should anyone be interested in seeing it. The video starts in Hoo Brook Pasture, moves along to the southern end of the Northern Corridor, returning through North Pasture, stopping at North Pond, and ending in Hoo Brook Corral.

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