Third Leg of the Herd’s Journey North

The marsh cattle go about their daily business, usually without complaint; however, they have minds of their own and are capable of making decisions. They like to move on as long as it’s not to a recently grazed field. When I call the herd from the direction of a recently browsed field, they are unlikely to react – they will ignore my calls. If I call from the direction of lush green pasture, they will likely respond quickly. Yesterday evening I couldn’t see the cattle when I arrived at the gate linking North Pasture to North Pond Pasture. I had come to take them on the third leg of their journey north. This should be a simple matter of moving the cattle through one gate, giving them access to North Pond Pasture, the Swamp and Hoo Brook Pasture. The final leg will be over Hoo Brook bridge and across the sewage pumping station service road to Falling Sands Nature Area.

I leant against the gate and called the herd as loudly as I could. Almost immediately, from the far end of the pasture, excited moos answered. There was movement in the distant tall grass as brown cow bodies bobbed up and down in their eagerness to get to the gate first. This is going to be easy, I thought.

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