The Final Leg North to Falling Sands Nature Area. Nightmare!

The cattle moved from North Riverside Pasture into Hoo Brook Pasture quickly this evening. So easily that I thought I might as well take them on into Falling Sands Nature Area, even though I had asked the Rangers to do it tomorrow morning. Big mistake! I called the herd over Hoo Brook bridge, and they crossed willingly. Waynetta hesitated after the crossing, and I realised that this might not be as straight forward a move as I had hoped. The cattle went berserk! They did everything they could to avoid entering Falling Sands Nature Area. They ran rings around me in all directions. It didn’t take long for me to accept that they were not going to cooperate. It was 7.45pm and the cattle were refusing to move out of the Sewage works service area. I thought it might be a good idea to force Brutus into Falling Sands, and perhaps the rest of the herd would follow, but no – they were having none of it. The cattle and I were running around like idiots and not getting anywhere! I was too busy and hassled to video the action. All of a sudden, just as I began to despair, Waynetta Galloway went berserk. She ran around jumping and bucking amongst the other cattle, butting them all over the place. She gathered them together and herded the uncooperative beasts along the narrow track to the closed Falling Sands Nature Area gate. I could have hugged her. She blocked the cows retreat while I weaved through and opened the gate; she then pushed them through. This is not the first time that Waynetta has come to my aid. Waynetta Galloway is a special cow.

12 Comments on “The Final Leg North to Falling Sands Nature Area. Nightmare!

    • It would have been a lot less fun if the cattle had walked along the brook to Kidderminster, Tom. Brutus was so annoyed at being locked in the nature area on his own, that he beat up the cows and bullocks after Waynetta pushed the herd through the gate.

      I’m on my way to Corfu for rest and cooperation


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