The Herd Arrives in North Pasture

I managed to get the marsh herd to the safety of North Pasture this evening, two to three hours before the big storm is due to arrive. The cattle didn’t go willingly, though. They fought me almost every step of the way through the gates to the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor and North Pasture.

River Stour water levels can rise from low to flooding the marsh in a matter of a few hours in storm conditions, so it’s better to be safe than sorry where the cattle are concerned.

The reluctant beasts probably realised that they had spent most of this year grazing the north marsh and were not at all keen on returning here so soon. I pushed half the herd through the corridor gate and all the beasts through North Pasture gate.

There is a video of the chaotic episode here for those interested.

The herd arrives in North Pasture

The herd arrive in North Pasture

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