Grazing Thistles

The old saying goes: “A thistle cut in June will come back too soon, cut in July it will surely die.”

At the beginning of July each year, I try to persuade the cattle to eat thistles. The North Riverside Pasture is packed with them at the moment, and they need thinning out.

Yesterday I took Wayanetta aside and told her that thistles are nutritious and very good for cattle: she disagrees. So I say I’ll cut thistles and you try eating them three nights in a row and after that, you will get a taste for them and, hopefully, persuade the rest of the herd that thistles are good. This evening is the second night of thistle cutting, and Waynetta is eagerly mopping them up as I go along, and other herd members are joining in also. I spend around half an hour thistle cutting.


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