Aftermath of the Flood of 13th June 2019

The River Stour and Hoo Brook water levels have been up and down like a yoyo over the last few days. At midday today the brook level was 250mm below the surface of the concrete bridge, and it is rising.

All manner of rubbish is floating down the Stour; trees and bushes have been washed into the river, causing rubbish traps and blockages — all par for the course during flood conditions.

2 Comments on “Aftermath of the Flood of 13th June 2019

  1. Enjoyed the video, Michael. The floods have been prominent. Lots of mud, high water, emerald growth — all so beautiful. And quiet here, with only wind and birdsong. I hope the waters don’t rise above the bridge.


    • I glad that you like the video, jet.

      Flooding on a marsh that has a canal, river and brook flowing through it is not an unusual event.

      The River Stour is only 25 miles long, but it has a powerful and volatile water flow in very wet weather. We have had a lot of heavy rain lately and the vegetation is growing at a phenomenal rate.


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