The Flood of 13th June 2019

Flaming June my Foot!

The herd grazed Hoo Brook Pasture yesterday evening as floodwaters broke over the concrete brook bridge. I led the cattle from the pasture and up the ramp to Hoo Brook Corral, opened and closed the relevant gates and ushered the herd into the safety of the Northern Corridor. I prefer to sleep at night, rather than spend the dark hours worry about drowning cows.

Flooding is a beneficial and regular Wilden Marsh event. Chicks of ground-nesting birds, and other animals snuggling up in their warm and comfy underground homes might not feel so lucky as cold water rushes over them.

I shot this video this morning.

2 Comments on “The Flood of 13th June 2019

  1. Indeed this is true, Tom.

    I am about to make my to the marsh and it is still raining buckets. Should I wear wellies or waders is a question I need to consider carefully.


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