Southern Marsh Orchid Update

I counted 1818 southern marsh orchids spread throughout the middle and north Wilden Marsh pastures just over a week ago and 2000 yesterday evening, so their number has increased by around 11%. The marsh cattle do not have access to the orchids and are grazing Hoo Brook Pasture and the Swamp, well away from orchids.

Three pairs of muntjac deer rested on beds of lush North Pasture grass; their tracks weaved around and through the orchid patches. Parallel front hoof prints at the bases of a few blooming orchids suggest that the deer are sniffing and not yet nibbling them.

Orchid 2

North Pasture southern marsh orchids

Southern marsh orchid 1

Southern marsh orchid

Southern marsh orchid


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  1. Lovely to hear of your success with the orchids. Well done:)

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