2 Comments on “World Curlew Day

  1. It is so weird, watching this video.
    I so relate to the woman listening to calls of the curlews on her iphone.
    In Washington State, a former bird paradise, there were just basically, almost no birds.
    I talked to everyone local about it. They all said, some variant of, “No, no, you aren’t looking, look, there is a heron.”
    And there was a heron.
    But where were all the others, in their glorious numbers?
    The canary in the cave analogy seems stupidly obvious. Right?
    Not so stupid because too few people listen for the birds,
    or notice when they are gone.
    We still have so many species and numbers here at The Holler.
    It is like I shielded,
    for awhile.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Cindy.

    Someone said to me recently: “Did you hear the bird noise early this morning?” “It woke me up!” Sadly, I think an increasing number of people are indifferent to bird song and, to some, it is an annoyance.

    There is far less bird song in recent times because wildlife habitats are disappearing at a frightening rate. Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve is a small protected urban wetland habitat where snipe and curlew desperately hang on. We need to be far more proactive in our attempts to prevent wildlife extinction.

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