Hoo Brook Trout

I was in Hoo Brook Pasture with the cattle again this evening. Thinking it was time to move them on to pastures new, I crossed the troll bridge and walked over to the Falling Sands Nature Area, to see what the grazing was like over there.

I noticed two lads fishing the brook. They had waded 150 metres upstream from the River Stour.

Three brown trout had been caught in the brook while wading up to the bridge. I mentioned my surprise. One of the lads produced a mobile phone and showed me images of the fish that had been taken and returned to the brook. Turning to his mate, he asked him to wade a little further upstream to show me how easy it was to catch a trout. In less than a minute, it seemed to me, another trout was reeled in.

7 Comments on “Hoo Brook Trout

  1. Lead tackle is a problem with fishing an d lead shot with hunting. That kills more wildlife, but it is hard to get hunters to change in the U.S.


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