The Breeding Season Begins 1st April and Ends 10th August

The official breeding season begins 1st April and ends on 10th August. Access to Wilden Marsh is restricted to the scrapyard entrance section. Please read the notices posted on the Reserve gates.

Yesterday, I took a small group of nature lovers out on the marsh to view nesting herons and mating toads. Fortunately, our target species put on a show for us. I hope the same is true of tomorrow’s visit.

The marsh herd approached us and very gently introduced themselves. The cattle have eaten most of the marsh vegetation, and it’s difficult for some people to visualise how Wilden Marsh ground conditions change during the growing season. At peak growth, the tall grasses can easily hide the herd from view.

This summer video shows the ground conditions of the southern marsh entrance section in 2015; bear in mind that the herd had grazed the area for a while. I used the cattle as compliant subjects on which to practice my new and very basic video making skills. Unfortunately, my skills behind the camera have not improved much, but I continue trying.

Wilden Marsh_LI

Wilden Marsh and Site of Special Scientific Interest

4 Comments on “The Breeding Season Begins 1st April and Ends 10th August

  1. I enjoyed the video. Calming and it makes me smile. It looked fine to me except for a few minor shakes that a steady cam apparatus would fix. Maybe edit out a few of that many bovine butt shots ✂. Editing video is a huge challenge.


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