Toad Cruising North Pond Last Night


A large number of male common toads took advantage of a relatively warm North Pond last night. They practised their chat-up lines and manoeuvres on the increasing number of females arriving for this year’s mating party.

From the eastern bank, I saw most and videoed some of the waterborne action. They chirped, plopped and dived. Rustling noises amongst the pasture grasses announced the arrival of yet more walking toads eager to join the bonanza.

Coots, moorhens, ducks and Canada geese rested quietly at the swamp end of the pond.

Later, I watched a single otter scythe silently through the mirrored water with a takeaway held firmly in its jaws. Screams, hoots, clacks, and enthusiastic screeching from the direction of the heronry, reminded me that it was busy over there, too.


North Pond toad last night


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