A View Over North Pond this Morning

North Pond 07032019

View over North Pond this morning

It is wet, cold and windy morning on the marsh today.

The River Stour broke its bank and flooded the North Riverside Pasture. Fortunately, the pasture is not strewn with plastic rubbish.

North Riverside Pasture 07032019

Flooded North Riverside Pasture

I mentioned in a post yesterday: “As soon as one disappears, it is not long before another takes its place.” Well, the fridge-freezer that broke from its longstanding River Stour berth has been replaced by a fridge today.


A fridge has moved in to take the place of a fridge-freezer that broke free from its river berth yesterday

2 Comments on “A View Over North Pond this Morning

  1. You have featured a fridge before … is it a case of not in my back yard? What an odd item to find in a river, not once but several times!


    • I suspect there are a few fridges and fridge-freezers disposed of illegally in the river along its 25 mile length; they take a while to work their way downstream to the marsh.


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