A Particularly Wet Morning Down on the Marsh

A lot of rain fell on the marsh overnight and this morning. The River Stour is almost overflowing its banks.

The herd is huddled at the far north end of the North Riverside Pasture. My plan is to move them to the South Riverside Pasture, but they are reluctant to cooperate. The cattle know there is no better grazing anywhere on the marsh and have decided that they are better off staying put.

The herons are hunkered down in their island nests to avoid the worst of the wind and rain. It is only ducks, cormorants and geese that are at ease in this stormy weather.

A fridge-freezer is struggling to float itself downstream through Wilden Marsh. Overnight, the white metal box moved a hundred metres closer to the River Severn. I will be glad to see the back of it, but as soon one disappears it is not long before another takes its place. There is no escaping floating rubbish on the River Stour.


Fridge-freezer floating down the River Stour

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