The North Marsh Vixen’s Birthing Den

I’m fairly sure this is the north marsh vixen’s birthing den. There are fox paw prints at the entrance and I can smell her.

The vixen has dug at least three dens, so that there is somewhere to move her cubs if they are threatened or in danger. In this case, the three dens have paw prints at the entrance and they all smell of fox. The den currently in use smells stronger than the others.

What might happen is that she will move her cubs to another den shortly after they are born. The north marsh vixen has fooled me with this trick two years in a row. This year, having located her dens, I’m staying well away until her cubs are ready to come above ground. The den in use will have pheasant, pigeon and mole body parts scattered around its entrance. I don’t think there are any rabbits on the marsh at the moment.

If I am fortunate, I will be able to film their progress.

IMG_7440 (2)

Fox den

2 Comments on “The North Marsh Vixen’s Birthing Den

    • We will have to wait and see, Anne. The vixen is very clever. She probably doesn’t ponder the meaning of life, but she is very wily and has the ability to disappear at will.


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