Hillary Road Field

Grazing Hillary Road Field has been a pain in past years. The cattle don’t like the field and either refuse to go in, or they escape at the first opportunity.

For two seasons I have used a different approach to grazing the marsh. I’ve noticed the cattle reacting against being locked in a compartment, so I am operating a progressive open grazing plan, and it seems to be working. I’ve split the marsh into three grazing zones: north, middle and south marshes. When I begin grazing a zone, I put the herd in one field and slowly extend their range until they end up open grazing a complete zone.

At the moment the herd has access to the Tenant Farmer’s Field, the Rhombus Field, the South Riverside Pasture, the Southern Entrance Section, and now Hillary Road Field. There is the Top Field and Marsh Farm Field to go to complete the south marsh zone.

Waynetta the Belted Galloway is the most experienced and most useful cow on the marsh, and she is quick to pick things up. Waynetta has inadvertently become lead cow, and she is very good at it.


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  1. It was fun to watch the cows’ behavior. Thanks for the notes telling us what was going on.

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