Heronry Target Practice


Milk bottle target

The island stock fences have been cut to the point where they are irreparable. We will now have to go to the expense of replacing all the fencing before we can safely graze the island.

I found a milk bottle target, peppered with air gun pellet holes, hanging from a tree close to the heronry.

14 Comments on “Heronry Target Practice

    • The herons are arriving to start their breeding season. It might be someone trying to improve their shooting accuracy. The milk bottle is attached to a length of string and the shooter might be practicing hitting a moving target.

  1. I agree with Re-Farmer: practice your shooting skills by all means, but why on a reserve?

    • Yes. And there is the thought that it might happen again when the stock fencing is replaced. It is out and out mindless destruction. Obviously, my main concern is the cattle escaping along the canal tow path.

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