Grazing Rushes

At last the cattle are grazing the rushes in the South Riverside Pasture with a vengeance. Increasing the herd from seven to fifteen has done the trick. There is now an element of competition among the cattle. Wayne in particular has risen to the challenge and has morphed from “Slowcoach Wayne” to “Stay away from my rush dinner or I’ll marmalise you Wayne.”

After grazing the South Riverside Pasture, I’ll move the herd into the Hillary Road Field and then onto the Orchid Field after that. The cattle can finish their south marsh winter grazing in the Rhombus Field.

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    • A cold wind has whistled down the river from the north for quite a while. Even in the depth of winter the temperature can rise sufficiently to cause flies to hatch and remind me of long, warm, scented, spring and summer evenings. I’m also reminded that insect repellent is then one of my absolute pocket essentials.

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