An Even Larger Winter Herd to Help Achieve my Grazing Plan

Another cold but sunny day on the Reserve. Fortunately, it can be as cold and wet as it likes on Wilden Marsh – I’m always dry and toasty warm. Many years of being out in all weathers has taught me how to dress for comfort.

The cattle were relaxing around South Pool when I arrived, so I walked them upstream to the Rhombus Field. The herd really needs to get to grips with grazing the Tenant Farmer’s and Rhombus Fields, so that I can move them onto the Orchid and Hillary Road Fields as soon as possible. I started the cattle off in the wet Rhombus Field before walking back down to the south entrance, just in time to meet Rangers Adam and Ollie driving through the gate with a trailer load of four cows. The herd now number fifteen beasts. This not only introduces more mouths, but also an element of competition between the cattle to encourage them to eat the rough and less palatable vegetation before the new growing season arrives.

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    • I’m afraid that there is not chance of seeing me on a horseback, or wielding a lasso, Tom. I don’t need either. My whistle serves me fine. 🙂

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