Squirrel Antics


I went for a wander along the sides of the Lower Stour Valley on Tuesday. I walked the area outside Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve, and it’s a great time of year to see what lies hidden between the trees. The vegetation has died back almost as far as it is going to before the next growing season starts again.

I walked from Hoo Brook, over Hoo Wood ridge and Stour Hill, along the track behind the rocket factory to Blue Cedar nursery. Onward across the fields and the new water main to Harltebury Castle, Hartlebury village, through Hartlebury Common and down to the River Severn via Sandy Lane. Moored riverboats and the Marina added plenty of colour and interest along the riverbank to Stourport on Severn and the canal basins. I returned to Hoo Brook along the canal tow path.

One of main things that struck me was the large number of energetic squirrels playing among the bare trees branches; I guess they were trying to remember where they had hidden their nuts.

It was a productive walk and I found three badgers setts.

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