Searching for Lurking Otters



I am obsessively scouring the riverbank for otters and have found another something lurking in the river under an exposed tree root. I’ve surprised the creature twice, but have not yet identified it. What I see is a short, energetic bust of splashing, lasting not much more than a second, whatever it is doesn’t break the water surface, and the animal is gone. I’m left with an impression of seeing a dull white flash. I wonder if I’m disturbing a resting a pike.

7 Comments on “Searching for Lurking Otters

    • I was down the marsh this morning, with my 500mm lens.

      I very slowly approached the tree roots along the riverbank, but whatever is lurking there saw me: I had to make do with watching ripples moving upstream and away from me. I might try my luck with a camera trap.

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