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Daily Archives: January 10, 2019

What do you do when your brambles and other woody scrub grows out of control? We call a man with a remote-controlled flailing machine. In this case the man we called is Colin Cross. I love this flailing machine because it does, quickly and efficiently, things I find difficult. The machine cuts and disintegrates everything in its path. Colin has run his machine over all the troublesome marsh pastures during the past… Read More

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and the Lower Stour Valley are owl country. Local names like Hoo Farm, Hoo Brook and Hoo Wood suggest that owls were, perhaps, more in evidence in the past than they are today; however, there are still decent numbers living in the valley. There are many mice and rats living on Wilden Marsh, and these are most likely responsible for attracting owls to this area. The owl is… Read More

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