Wilden Marsh Otters

River Otter


I’m seeing more otters and fewer American mink on my Wilden Marsh forays. If the increasing presence of otters is driving mink from the marsh, then this is a welcome development as far as attracting Water Voles to the Central Drainage Ditch is concerned. My camera traps are certainly picking up more otters than mink. I have a video of an otter chasing a mink along the riverbank in the South Riverside Pasture.

During daylight hours, most otters will lie up somewhere: either in water or out of it. The otter I disturbed in the River Stour and mentioned in yesterday’s post, was most likely having a nap in water under the low alder branch. Judging by its corkscrew diving maneuver when I disturbed it, the otter was probably sleeping on its back in slack water, being gently rocked by the current.

It is rare that I see an otter swimming during daylight hours. When the river is shallow, though, like it is at the moment, otters will while away the day resting on mud banks, usually under vegetation, or they will float on their backs in the water and sleep under exposed riverbank tree roots and  branches.

7 Comments on “Wilden Marsh Otters

    • Otters can be active during day and nighttime. River otters probably find it easier and more productive to hunt at night. My camera traps rarely capture otters moving about during the day.


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