An Outrageous Christmas Eve Tale

For the readers who emailed me asking why this post had disappeared. I don’t know why, but for some reason it ended up in November’s posts.

The Wilden Marsh Blog

It’s early Christmas morning and I hesitate to relate this account for fear people will think me deranged, deluded, or just plain mad. So I will take a sip of tea, draw a deep breath and begin in a whisper: A goblin lives on Wilden Marsh! He is a strange cunning,green-faced, rather ugly and intimidating creature, in spite of his small bent stature. The Goblin’s name is Voglestrom Fincklestein; he lives in a large hollow oak tree hidden along the edge of the Flooded Wood Pasture. I say “living in,” but more precisely, the tree is a doorway to a sandstone tunnel running east under North Pasture to a subterranean complex of interconnected caves, buried deep within Hoo Wood Ridge, very close to where I live. On dog walks along Hoo Wood Ridge I sometimes hearstrange muted voices and smell fresh wood smoke and often wondered about their source; of…

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