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Increasing the Winter Herd

The winter herd has been increased from seven to eleven beasts to help in achieving my grazing plan, courtesy of The Wyre Forest Animals Grazing Project. The herd is still too small, but every mouth helps.

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Foxy Romance on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

There are many well-appointed holes with planning permission for use as fox dens spread over Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve. These desirable properties have excellent views and a wide range of well stocked local facilities. A modern vixen with an eye on … Continue reading

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Wilden Marsh Cormorants

Every year, around half a dozen cormorants arrive from the coast to overwinter on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve. They spend most of their time perched high up on power cables overlooking the river, until something happens to encourages them move. … Continue reading

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Squirrel Antics

I went for a wander along the sides of the Lower Stour Valley on Tuesday. I walked the area outside Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve, and it’s a great time of year to see what lies hidden between the trees. The vegetation … Continue reading

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Harris Hawk

A Harris hawk occasionally visits Wilden Marsh and sometimes Hoo Wood. It sits quietly in a tree, or on a fence post behind a tree, minding its own business I suppose. This hawk is a large ponderous bird that lays in … Continue reading

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The Fox Breeding Season Begins Again

It begins again: the fox breeding season in the Lower Stour Valley. Red Dog’s mating season peaks in January. In February the vixen will den; whether this happens on Wilden Marsh, in Hoo Wood, or along the steep sides of … Continue reading

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Great Spotted Woodpecker

The great spotted woodpecker is a well established Wilden Marsh and Hoo Wood resident. Its call is a sharp kik, which may be repeated as a wooden rattling krrarraarr if the bird is disturbed. The courtship call, gwig, is mostly given in the display … Continue reading

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