King of the Marsh: 4 Year Old Brutus

King of the marsh: 4 year old Brutus 

Having successfully dominated Wayne Galloway, Brutus Shetland is beginning to believe he can dominate me too… well, we’ll see about that boyo! 

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  1. It looks like Brutus has a lot of heft behind his dominating nature, conflicts might arise. 😉 Enjoyed this post and the King of the Marsh, Mike.

      • Brutus was encouraging Wayne to chase me earlier today by pushing him towards me from the rear. I had to speak very harshly before he would back away from Wayne. Brutus must accept that I am King of the mash, stop waving his horns at me, and show some respect. I will win, or he will be taking a one way trip off the marsh. It difficult to convey this to him, though. 🙂

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