Beyond Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

When I walk the two miles south along the Worcestershire and Staffordshire Canal, I pass through Stourport-on-Severn to the River Severn. At Stourport-on-Severn is the canal basin/port. Here are a few photos of the historic port:

The Black Star
Blossom’s Tea Rooms
Entry to the basin/port
Main Basin
Locks giving access to the River Severn and the rest of the world

17 Comments on “Beyond Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

  1. Nice shots. I especially like the second with the subdued lighting and the depth added by the angle of the wooden crossing arm.

  2. Lovely scenes. I can see they have been processed. What app do you use? Is it Lightroom? Perhaps the dark blue next to the cloud in the main basin could be stepped back a little. Masking out some of the effects helps keep it real (if you want to :-)). I just watched a terrific tutorial on skies put out by onOne.

    • I purposely exaggerated that and other images. I like filtering images to make them more interesting when I’m bored with “real” images. I don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom. I use Gimp.

      • I see Gimp does have layer masks and other features like Photoshop. With a bit of work you could edit only parts of an image. I teach Photoshop and Lightroom so pardon me for butting in. I sometimes can’t help myself.

    • Just looked at the main basin photo and I accept what you are saying, Sherry. I think I rarely give my images the attention they deserve. Certainly the blue sky could be toned down.

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