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It’s early Christmas morning and I hesitate to relate this account for fear people will think me deranged, deluded, or just plain mad. So I will take a sip of tea, draw a deep breath and begin in a whisper: A goblin lives on Wilden Marsh! He is a strange cunning, green-faced, rather ugly and intimidating creature, in spite of his small bent stature. The Goblin’s name is Voglestrom Fincklestein; he lives in… Read More

This morning the herd grazed the North Riverside Pasture. The River Stour, in full flood, was about to overflow the bank and threaten the safety of the cattle. A day of rain is forecast for tomorrow. I walked the cattle out of the pasture into Hoo Brook Corridor, past the sewage pumping station, up the ramp, through the corral, along the Northern Corridor and into North pasture where they will be safe… Read More

Rudolf and the log Father Christmases remind us that it’s only three sleeps to Christmas, so make sure your letters are posted first class by the end of today at the latest. Merry Christmas!

I went out on the marsh this evening to track down the herd. It was blacker than a coalminer’s boot and very wet and squishy down there. I looked in Hoo Brook Pasture, and they weren’t there. I looked along the Northern Corridor, and they weren’t there. I looked around North Pond, and they weren’t there. I looked in the Swamp, and they weren’t there. I looked in North Riverside Pasture and… Read More

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