Winter Herd to North Pasture

I’ve called the herd and am waiting for them to arrive at the gate from the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor to North Pasture.

Here come the cattle now:

10 Comments on “Winter Herd to North Pasture

  1. Tulip is a very good name for her. She is a little bit chunky. Is she expecting? At The Holler, the state has removed all the free range cattle from the nature reserve, except for one, The Ankole Watusi bull. They can’t find him. We know where he hides, but we aren’t telling. He keeps us on our toes when we hike.

    • That’s a shame. Cindy. Do you know why the free range cattle were removed from the nature reserve? Tulip is a very good conservation cow, and she is not expecting – just full of grass.

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