Wayne Bullock-Galloway

Wayne Bullock-Galloway

This is Wayne Bullock-Galloway and he is 4 years and 3 months old. 

I don’t think much goes on in Wayne’s head. He is rarely in a rush and prefers to plod along at his own slowcoach speed. Wayne is not always a slowcoach, though, and it would be a mistake for someone to be taken in by his “I couldn’t care less attitude”: he can move phenomenally quickly when it suits him. 

As a rule, Wayne is not interested in me and likes to keep his distance; he might realise that his sister, Waynetta, wants to keep me for herself. There is often competition between Waynetta, Tulip, and Ellen for my attention. Tulip is the one that butts cattle out of the way if they are too lively around me. Anyway, Wayne slunk up and stood quietly next to me with a hangdog attitude. I thought he might be feeling unwell, but he followed me through the Tenant Farmer’s Field to the South Riverside Pasture gate. He came really close at one point and allowed me to stroke his nose, which is unusual. I’m nervous when Wayne comes too close and its not good to be nervous around cattle. Wayne might be a little depressed, he has been on my radar for a few days. I will move the herd on to the north marsh tomorrow; maybe this will cheer him up. 

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