Enjoying the View Together

I walked through the Tenant Farmer’s Field to shut the south gate to the South Riverside Pasture. The herd lay resting in the middle of the field. I shut the south gate and leant on it to take in the view. I heard a cow approach from behind. It was Waynetta. She pulled up on my right and rested her jaw on the top of the gate to enjoy the view with me. I stayed put to see how long Waynetta would remain next to me. Sploosh! a cormorant dived into the river and surface a few metres down stream. Waynetta turned her head slightly to the right at the cormorant’s splash, just like I turned mine, and then back to looking down the pasture. I got bored and left her to it.

I walked back to the north gate and called the herd into the Flooded Wood Pasture, which is where this video takes over.

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