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The Wilden Marsh herd is enjoying the last of the warm, dry weather. When the rains come, winter bites, snows falls, and hoar frosts freeze pigeons’ feet to tree branches, these cattle will be in the thick of it. No warm, dry barn for this herd; it will endure the worst vagaries of our English weather to the full, and all that the winter marsh can and will throw at it.

There isn’t one place on Wilden Marsh I can set up a camera trap without mice getting most of the video action and using 95% of my battery power. Now and again, though, it’s worth my time and effort viewing thousands of 30 second long mice clips, just in case something unexpected turns up in the frame. OtterCam 2 captured otter, mink, great spotted woodpecker, heron, fox this week, and a few… Read More

It was sunny and clear on the marsh this morning, but cold enough to wear my hoodie. Autumn has taken control! I walked the cattle from Middlemarsh to the South Riverside Pasture, via the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor, the Rhombus Field, the Orchid Field, and through Marsh Farm Field and the South Riverside Pasture gate. The herd was really excited to have fresh grass to chew on. The marsh cattle have developed… Read More

I spent today in Wales and didn’t get back to check on the marsh cattle until sunset. I stand in North Pasture, at the gate to the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor, and whistle the herd; it can take fifteen minutes for the cattle to respond. I whistle as loudly as I can and wait for a distant bellow that tells me the cattle have heard the call. It’s then just a matter… Read More

If you live in Worcestershire and see an amphibian, you should record your sighting here.

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