Walking the Cattle from Middlemarsh to the South Riverside Pasture.

It was sunny and clear on the marsh this morning, but cold enough to wear my hoodie.

Autumn has taken control!

I walked the cattle from Middlemarsh to the South Riverside Pasture, via the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor, the Rhombus Field, the Orchid Field, and through Marsh Farm Field and the South Riverside Pasture gate. The herd was really excited to have fresh grass to chew on.

The marsh cattle have developed into a tight and cohesive herd that is predictable and easy to control; it really is a pleasure to walk it through the marsh.

I shot this short video with my iPhone to remind me of a glorious morning:

5 Comments on “Walking the Cattle from Middlemarsh to the South Riverside Pasture.

  1. When I first moved to The Holler, I was shocked by the decibels of the free range cattle all around us. When they cross the creek they sound like a herd of dinosaurs trampling the shrubs and bushes, and when coyotes kills a calf, the mother’s bellowing, going on for days, rattles your brain. The free cattle have organized funerals when a cow dies of natural causes. Cattle are so much more than I expected them to be.

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    • I try to work sympathetically with the marsh herd at all times, and it’s rewarding that the cattle are prepared to work sympathetically with me. Very rarely do I see aggression between members of the herd.

      Generally, the marsh herd is quiet. I hear bellowing when the mums call to their calves; when the herd is spread out of sight from each other and they want to know where the other cattle are; when I call or leave them, and when there is danger or someone they don’t know roaming the marsh.


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