Calling the Cattle in!

I spent today in Wales and didn’t get back to check on the marsh cattle until sunset. I stand in North Pasture, at the gate to the Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor, and whistle the herd; it can take fifteen minutes for the cattle to respond. I whistle as loudly as I can and wait for a distant bellow that tells me the cattle have heard the call. It’s then just a matter of waiting for them to arrive at the gate. I keep whistling, the cattle keep responding, and they eventually find me. I use less energy if the cattle come to me.

I check the cattle every day to ensure that they are well, happy, and that they are all on the marsh where they should be and not walking or swimming down the River Stour to Stourport on Severn.

2 Comments on “Calling the Cattle in!

  1. Nice that they come to your call. Looks like they ere are wondering, “Well what do you want?”
    I have a parrot, Dinka, who goes home to his cage when I say, “Night night Dinka, go home.” At least he does most of the time 🙂

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