Four Consecutive Days and One Small Piece of Secluded Riverbank on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve 02092018

Well, turning down the PIR movement sensor sensitivity solved the problem of capturing unwanted mice videos on the two square metres of riverbank I’ve been monitoring with otterCam 1 for the last four days, but there were 37 video clips of the pheasant pecking and clawing the ground day and night on the memory card this evening.

I setup a second OtterCam, fitted with a close-up lens, at a different position along the riverbank yesterday. Unfortunately, I positioned it right behind the entrance to a mouse nest, so I ended up with fifty-five mouse videos on OtterCam 2 when I checked its memory card this evening.

Maybe the reason I’m not attraction otters to my camera traps is because the river level is too low. I usually manage to capture an otter or two on the first or second night of putting an OtterCam out.

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