North Pasture

A view south from the middle of North Pasture at 8.47pm last evening. The breeze died within seconds, the birds stopped singing, silence descended on the pasture. The temperature seemed to rise. I stood still, listened and waited for something to happen. Then, as if a switch was flicked, life on the marsh resumed. I guess the silence lasted around 15 seconds. It was very spooky.

North Pasture 16

A spooky North Pasture

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4 Responses to North Pasture

  1. Anne says:

    What an interesting observation!

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    • It’s not the first time I’ve experience the phenomenon in North Pasture, Anne. I just hope, if it happens again, that I don’t find myself trapped in in the year 1900 or some future time. I am happy enough in the now.


  2. Sherry Felix says:

    That would give me goose bumps. Gorgeous picture.

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