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Daily Archives: July 5, 2018

I’ve been stock fence mending along Hoo Brook Corridor this evening. Wayne, in his eagerness to get to the Himalayan balsam on the brook side of the fence, breaks the barb wire strands; he’s a powerful beast. Andrew-Bull Shetland still demands his milk supper.

Wilden Marsh and Meadows is the richest and most diverse wetland habitat in Worcestershire. Here are a few of the locally scarce flora that can be found growing on the valley floor of this Reserve. The river valley in this area was deeply excavated into the Triassic sandstone country-rock during cold stages of the Pleistocene, which also left valley-floor deposits of sands and gravels. During the Flandrian, superficial deposits of fen peat… Read More

Folklore has it that wood avens can drive away evil spirits, and protect against rabid dogs and venomous snakes. It was associated with Christianity because its leaves grew in threes and its petals in fives (reminiscent of, respectively, the Holy Trinity and the Five Wounds). Astrologically, it was said to be ruled by Jupiter.

Banded demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens), at first glance, look smooth and shiny; they are, in fact, surprisingly hairy.

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